UK Backs Down On £3,000 Visa Bonds

Theresa May, UK Home Secretary

According to a report by the Sunday Times UK, the British government has announced that it will be backing down on its plan to compel visitors from ‘high risk’ countries to pay a bond of £3,000 before they can be allowed to enter the country.

The countries under the supposed high risk includes Nigeria, Kenya, India, Pakistan and three other countries. See the Sunday Times report below.

THE government is to abandon a controversial plan to impose £3,000 immigration bonds on visitors from “high-risk” countries in Africa and Asia after Nick Clegg threatened to block the policy.

The move will be seen by Labour as a humiliating U-turn for Theresa May, the home secretary. It came after David Cameron backed off from a full-scale confrontation with the Liberal Democrat leader, who was blocking the scheme’s progress through cabinet.

A pilot project to target visitors from seven countries — including India, Pakistan and Nigeria — who would have had to pay a cash guarantee or deposit to deter immigration abuse was to have been introduced this month.

The plan was to make visitors forfeit £3,000 if they failed to return home by the time their visas had expired. But in an announcement this weekend the government said it was cancelling the plan.


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